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Whole House Water Repipe

Why is my water pressure so low? Why is my bathwater brown? Why do I see water around my baseboards? 

When you find yourself asking questions like these, you’ve arrived at the right place. The best fix for plumbing problems like these is repiping your home’s water system. With water line repiping, you can expect:

“Just-like-new” water pressure

Crystal clear water from all your faucets

Years of trouble-free water flow from your plumbing

Reduced water bills (if you pay for city water)

Plus, repiping is the best solution to resolve slab leaks, end damp carpets, and eliminate moldy, wet baseboards.

We know what you’re thinking: This sounds like a nightmare.

Relax, we’ve got this. We’ve fixed Tampa Bay area’s pipes for 50 years. So, no matter how ugly your water line problem might be, we’ve already seen it and fixed it many, many times. Fast!

One simple call and your water pipes can be “like new” by this time next week.

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Why Water Line Repiping Makes Sense

Prevent water leaks. Stop costly breaks.

The most common cause of pipe leaks and breaks is simple: old age. Pipes wear out. When they wear out, they leak. Leaks waste money, waste water, damage walls, floors, carpets, cabinets and furnishings. Leaks attract mold, mildew and critters you don’t want in your home. 

Small leaks turn into big leaks. And big leaks become huge problems. And big leaks cause massive damage to your home in ways that could cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair. 

When old age is the reason for your leaky pipes, there’s only one right solution: running fresh, new water lines. We don’t just repair existing leaks and breaks, we fix the root of the problem. We replace all your old, leaky water pipes with brand new pipes. 

Image of water pipes being worked on in a customers home by a Jones and Sons technician.
Jones and Sons technician replacing a water pipe in a customers home

No more showers with no water pressure.

Restore your “like new” water pressure.

Over time, sediment builds up inside your pipes. Year after year, bit by bit, gunk in your pipes chokes off your water flow.

It happens so slowly you barely notice it. Then one day you realize “my water pressure is awful!”

You can’t remove that sediment. You can’t wash it out. You can’t dissolve it. You can’t scrape it out. It becomes a permanent part of the pipe.

When built-up gunk inside the pipes chokes off your water flow, the right solution, the best solution, the only real solution is repiping that water line. When we repipe, we don’t clean out your old pipes. We replace them with brand new pipes.

And that means just-like-new water pressure.

No more “why is my bath water brown?”

Enjoy clean, clear water everywhere in your home.

Sediment builds up inside your pipes over the years. That sediment is mostly minerals. It isn’t dangerous, but it is gross. Microscopic bits of that sediment, (we call it “gunk”), seep into your water as it flows through your old pipes.

So why does your bath water look dirty? Because your pipes are old and full of gunk.

See, older pipes used materials more prone to build-up gunk on the inside. The newest piping material is smoother on the inside. That makes it harder for the gunk to build up. That will save you money and headaches in the years to come.

(A whole house water filter helps, too.)

Bonus: Modern piping material is easier to work with. That means we can repipe your home faster than ever. And that saves time and money.

Completed toilet repiping job done by a Jones and Sons technician
Jones and Sons technician inspecting a customers water pipes outside their home.

Our “No Excuses, No Surprises” Guarantee

We follow the Golden Rule because we believe it’s the roadmap to success. That means: We treat you the way we want to be treated.

When we make a promise, we keep it. No excuses. If we make a mistake, then we own up to it, apologize and fix it. No excuses. We do the work we promised for the price we quoted. No surprises.

We guarantee the quality of our workmanship for one year, and we use parts that have at least a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Whole House Water Repipe: How It Works

Our Process:

Step 1

The water is turned off and all water lines

Step 2

Drop cloths, tarps, and other protective coverings are put over flooring and furniture.

Step 3

Precise cuts are made into drywall where the pipes run and are required to access and replace them

Step 4

The new pipes are installed and connected to the appropriate locations: i.e. toilets, sinks, tubs, showers, and so on.

Step 5

The water is turned back on and water lines tested for leaks.

Step 6

If there are no leaks, or once any leaks have been corrected, the drywall is replaced.

How does a water line repiping job work?

Once we receive your approval and schedule the work, here’s what to expect. We will:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What things affect a whole house repiping job?

Repiping depends on several factors. The most important consideration is where and how your old piping is installed. We will either:

      • Remove the existing pipe and fittings and then repipe in the same place.


      • Cap off your existing system, leave it in place and reroute new pipes elsewhere.

No. We repipe with minimal disturbance to your home. 

Most repiping jobs take no more than two days. It’s very rare for a job to take longer than that. If your job happens to be one of those rare ones, you’ll know before we start.

We are not the cheapest, because that’s a good way to go out of business. Nor are we the most expensive, because we don’t want to be treated that way. Our prices are always competitive, and we guarantee the quality of our work.

Yes, we do. Mobile home repiping is one of our specialties.

The most common cause is age and corrosion over the years. Often, the ground under the slab shifts and allows the slab to move just enough to crack or break a pipe. Or else the piping materials corrode over time and develop leaks. Or both.

There is almost always a way to repipe your home without cutting into the slab. Usually, we just disconnect your old system, cap it, and then repipe inside the walls and/or ceiling.

Yes. Hard water reduces the life of your pipes. A whole-home water filter and/or water softener removes most impurities from your water system. This will extend the life of your pipes. 

If you aren’t sure if you have hard water, we provide a Hard Water Test at no charge to you. Just ask.

Unless you’ve recently replaced your water heater, repiping is a good time to replace it. The average age of a water heater is 8 years.

This is also a good time to add a whole-home water filter. Start with the purest water you can get, and you will extend the life of your water pipes and your water heater.


Get $350 Off The Price Of Any New Water Heater, Whole-Home Water Filter Or Water Softener When You Purchase A Repipe For Your Home.