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Water Softeners

Why Should You Consider a Water Softener?

That’s a good question. But let’s start with the basics:

What is hard water? And why should you care?

Hard water is water that is full of extra minerals – mainly calcium and magnesium –
that change the way the water feels and acts. Hard water affects your skin, your
pipes, your laundry and your appliances.

  • Hard water makes your appliances wear out faster
  • Hard water wears out your clothes faster and dulls their colors
  • Hard water makes it harder to lather soap and shampoo, and harder to rinse it
  • Hard water leaves spots on your dishes, flatware and glass
  • Hard water can make your skin feel dry and rough and make your hair feel

Now, while these extra minerals aren’t health hazards, they are a daily irritation that
will costs you extra money every day.
As if that wasn’t enough, hard water also causes some real problems. Hard water
makes your appliances work harder. Working harder reduces their lifespan. And
that costs you real money.
And, over time, minerals from hard water build up in your pipes. This leads to
reduced water flow, clogged pipes and – ultimately – a visit from the plumber to fix
your hard water problem.

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How to Know If Your Home Needs a Water Softener

Keep an eye out for these clues:

  • Spotty Dishes & Glassware: If they come out of the dishwasher looking
    like a dalmatian, that’s hard water at work.
  • Laundry Blues: Clothes looking dull and feeling rough? Hard water could
    be the culprit.
  • Scale Buildup: Notice a chalky buildup on faucets or shower heads? That’s
    hard water’s autograph.
  • Lousy Lather: When your soap and shampoo don’t lather well, it’s like trying to start a campfire with wet wood. Hard water could be the dampener.
  • Appliance Fatigue: Appliances like your water heater might be working overtime, much like a tired old car, due to hard water buildup.
  • Itchy Dry Skin & Brittle Hair: If you feel prickly after a shower, it could be the hard water, not your soap.

A water test can confirm your suspicions. High levels of calcium and magnesium are the telltale signs that a water softener might be a good investment for your home.

Solutions Tailored for Your Home

We always begin with a thorough assessment of your water quality needs.

That means we start with a water test. If the test indicates problems that we can solve, then we interview you about your home and lifestyle. We want to understand how these water problems will affect you now and in the future.

With our advanced tools, testing and good listening skills, we will pinpoint your problems and craft a solution custom-tailored for you and your home.

Whether it’s installing a top-notch Water Filter or a state- of-the-art Water Softening system, our trained and certified Water Quality Technicians always follow our standardized system we’ve refined over 5 decades in the business. That’s the system that helps us be sure that you get the results you expect and the results we promise.

What We Offer

No water quality challenge is too complex for our expert team.

We create water solutions tailored to your home. Whether you want the assurance of pure drinking water or the luxurious feel of soft water for your skin, we are here to meet your unique needs.

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